Grilling Tips

Grilling refers to a technique that uses dry radiant heat to cook meats, seafood and vegetables. This cooking technique is very popular because it is very simple and cost-efficient. Some of the widely used grilling methods are barbecue braising, broiling and flattop grilling. To avoid experiencing problems, there are some equipment and tools that you need if you want to try this technique. The equipment includes a barbecue grill, a grilling rack as well as a toaster. To serve a delectable grilled dish, it is important that you follow some of the basic grilling tips.

Selecting a Grilling Area

The first factor to consider if you plan to try this cooking technique is to choose a safe area where you can place your grilling equipment. Place the barbecue grill far from objects that can be easily ignited like fences, overhangs, shrubbery and deck railings. Make sure that the area is well ventilated. Avoid grilling inside the house since the grilling fumes are toxic.

Preparation of Food

If you want to grill pork or chicken, it is best that you marinate the meat pieces at least three hours so that the mixture can penetrate into the meats. If you like to grill steaks, marinate the meats overnight to increase tenderness.

Required Cooking Temperature

When grilling chicken and pork cuts, it is important that you use a meat thermometer to ensure that the meats were already cooked. When grilling beef, avoid using meat thermometer since it can drain the natural juices of the meat. The recommended cooking temperature for well-done pork, venison, chops and steaks is 170 degrees Fahrenheit while the cooking temperature for hotdogs and sausages is 160 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to grill whole chicken or turkey, the recommended cooking temperature is 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additional Grilling Tips

Before placing the meats, seafood or vegetables on the grill, do not forget to clean the grilling rack to avoid food contamination. It is also necessary that you spray oil over the rack to make sure that the foods will not stick with the grilling rack. Remove the fats of meats before grilling to avoid flare-ups. Avoid using knife or fork when turning the meats over. Instead, you can use a spatula or tongs. After grilling the meats or vegetables, wait until the rack cools down. Get a brush and use it to clean the grilling rack and the grill to eliminate portions of the foods stuck on the rack.

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