Grilling Tips for Shrimp

One of the most delicious and tasty grilled dishes that can be offered in outdoor parties and special family occasions is a grilled shrimp. To enjoy this delectable dish, it is important that you have a background on the proper way of preparing and cooking the shrimps to be used in the dish. Below are some of the most useful grilling tips for shrimp. Just follow the tips to make sure that your friends and family will be satisfied with the dish that you will serve.

Buying the Shrimp

Freshness is one of the keys to serving delicious grilled shrimps. To ensure that the shrimps that will be used are fresh, it is important that you purchase the seafood a day before you will cook the dish. If you are buying thawed shrimps, always select those that do not have their heads on. On the other hand, if you prefer to purchase fresh shrimps, it is best if you buy those with heads on. Avoid buying shrimps that have foul odor or the seafood that smell like ammonia.


If you want to prepare grilled shrimps, buy the seafood that are considered as jumbo size because shrimps with smaller sizes are difficult to place and cook over a grill. However, if you cannot find big shrimps, you can use tongs to turn the seafood over.

Preparing the Shrimps

To be sure that the shrimps will be tasty, do not forget to devein the seafood before marinating. Let the shrimps stay in the marinade for at least two hours to allow the seafood to absorb the sauce. To avoid the shrimps from sticking on the grill and to enhance the natural flavor of the seafood, it is best that you spread excess marinade or barbecue sauce over the shrimps while grilling. If you do not have enough time to marinate the seafood, spread olive oil over the shrimps before putting on the grill. Cook each side for five to seven minutes. After grilling, sprinkle the seafood with salt and pepper to taste.

Additional Tips

If you are grilling small shrimps, you can use bamboo skewers. Avoid sticking too much shrimps in a skewer to make sure that the seafood will be cooked evenly. If it is possible, just stick two shrimps in a skewer. Do not cut the seafood with knife or fork because it can drain the natural flavor of the shrimps. You can also wrap the shrimps with a tin foil to avoid flare-ups.

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