Golf Swing Tip

Every golf fanatic should learn how to bring their swings to perfection. Our list of golf swing tips is a collection of eye openers and best practices. You might find something that you haven’t thought of before. Beginners will also find them useful as they practice and learn more about the game.

Golf Swing Tip #1 – Rotate Hands and Forearms When You Swing

What your hands and forearms do during impact has a direct effect on the quality of your swing. The moment your club hits the golf ball is one of the really important moments in your swing action. Rotating your hands and wrists into the proper impact position will improve your swing.

Golf Swing Tip #2 – It’s all on the Left Knee

You might have observed that there are a lot of golfers who allow their left knee to collapse all the way to their right. This is usually done during the backswing. Their shoulders drop and their hips sway and overturn. A good way to practice this is to place a basketball in between your knees as you practice your swings.

Golf Swing Tip #3 – Backswing Hand Position

Getting the hand position right will ensure that the start of your swing will be correct. In this position, your thumbs should be extended as if you are hitch-hiking. The way you hold your club should be as if you were holding a rod and reel and were fishing.

Golf Swing Tip #4 – Pausing at the Top

A common mistake that beginners often make is that they are too eager to swing. Never swing your club too quickly. Keep in mind that you ought to maintain a certain rhythm as you swing. Remember to pause as you reach the very top of your backswing. After the slight pause, add power and acceleration to your downswing.

Golf Swing Tip #5 – It’s Not in the Wrist

A fairly common mistake made by beginners is putting their swings on their wrist. The power you get from your arms and wrists aren’t enough to really drive the ball. Make use of the muscles in your legs and your trunk to achieve a really powerful swing. This will ensure both power and consistency as you swing your clubs.

Golf Swing Tip #6 – Don’t Swing at the Ball

The goal is to swing consistently with power. To achieve that, you should really drive the ball, which basically means that after hitting the ball your swing should extend right through. As a form of practice, place a tee eight inches in front of the ball. Try to hit both the tee and the ball to train your swing through and not at the ball.

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