Free Exercise Tips

Aside from eating right, working out is essential to avoiding sickness and getting your body in shape. Here are a few exercise tips to help you get started.

Jogging is a Health Booster

One of the most enjoyable workouts is jogging or running. You can do this early in the morning. It’s a great way to start the day as it will invigorate you. Physically it gives your body that wake up call. Second, it provides health benefits for your whole being.

In physical terms, it helps strengthen your legs. It builds up your endurance. By doing it regularly it also helps your body get stronger. People have also reported feeling exhilarated after jogging.

One exercise tip you should try is to start by jogging 15 minutes only. When your body gets used to it, you can extend to half an hour or more. Three times a week is okay, although some recommend five times.

Pump Iron to Gain Muscles

If you want bigger muscles, you need to lift weights. Check with your doctor first though. People with eye problems shouldn’t try to lift heavy objects as it causes strain. Assuming you’re fit, pick the one you are most comfortable with.

There are many ways you can do it: standing up, on your back, sitting down etc. A good exercise tip though is to start with only a few repetitions. This is true especially if it’s your first time to do it. Excessive repetitions when your body isn’t yet prepared will result in injury.

Sit ups and Push ups

To lose belly fat, sit ups are recommend. Lie on a mat and lock your hands around your neck. Put them under your ears. Lift your body up until your face can touch your knees. If you can’t bend that far, stop when your elbows touch your knees. Repeat the process. Make sure that your feet don’t slide when you’re doing it.

Other good exercise tips are doing push ups. Push ups are good not just for the stomach but for the chest and arms. It can make you a lot stronger. This can be quite difficult, so do it slowly. In the beginning your chest will keep touching the floor. That’s okay. In due time you’ll develop the arm and shoulder strength required to do it properly.

Working Out Regularly

Exercising regularly doesn’t mean you should do it every day. In the beginning, three times a week (30 minutes) will be sufficient. Give your body time to adjust. When it’s ready you can increase it to five times weekly for 45 minutes to an hour.

Some do it for much longer. If you want to extend it, you may do so. But give your body a rest day too.

By trying out these exercise tips, you’ll be able to get used to working out much quicker. It may take a while before you get the best results but if you are patient, you’ll get in shape. Not only that, you’ll be healthy too.

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