Flirting Tips for Guys

People can easily express their sexuality through flirting. This kind of social interaction is perfect for guys, especially for those who wish to show their sexual and romantic feelings for the opposite sex. When done properly, girls have very little power to resist such powerful tool and expression of attraction. Here are some helpful flirting tips for guys that are guaranteed to catch the attention as well as the interest of girls.

Make Sure to Enjoy and Have Fun While Flirting

Flirting need not be serious in order to be effective. In fact, it must be infectious, light-hearted and playful, and not the other way around. Men must be able to draw a happy feeling from the girl, allowing her to smile and have fun all at the same time.

Build Up Your Confidence

It is very hard to flirt especially for men who have very low self-esteem. Instead of having a low morale, why not build your confidence up and feel happy and satisfied. Likewise, a positive outlook is very important as it can help them be in control of the situation. When guys feel good about themselves, the ladies can easily see their oozing confidence, which is actually infectious in nature. Confident individuals are more attractive because they know how to carry themselves in different kinds of situations.

Make the First Move

When it comes to flirting, guys are expected to make the initial move. Things are bound to happen if you make the first move rather than wait for someone to reach out to you. Be moderately aggressive. Try to make eye contact and then approach the target politely. When doing this, it is very important not to be rude because such act is a possible turnoff for most women. Begin a conversation with a simple hello and then slowly move from there. Never rush the development of things, as they will eventually fall into the right place in the end.

Enjoy Giving Compliments

Most women are conscious about the way they look, smell and other little details about themselves. There is nothing more rewarding than to pay them compliments. Compliment how good they smell, how lovely they look and how beautiful their clothes fit on them. As much as possible, sound sincere and be careful about what you are saying because giving the wrong signals can actually make you sound sarcastic.

Other Important Things to Remember

Never fail to establish eye contact because it is a very powerful and effective means of communication. Be sure to learn how to vary the tone of your voice. This will eventually help you look interesting and attractive. Learn to listen. Instead of sharing information about yourself, try digging out some valuable details about them. Women like men who have the capacity to listen and understand what they are about to share. Furthermore, body language is a very important aspect of flirting. Smile, touch and dance all the way to a woman’s heart.

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