First Kissing Tips

Giving the first kiss to someone is quite a tricky situation considering the awkwardness of the situation as well as the inexperience of the parties involved. The thrill is there and so is the element of surprise. No one really knows how your partner would react when you make the first move. Of course, many people, particularly teenagers, usually prepare for this kind of special situation. For those who do not know what to do when such situation arises, here are some helpful first kissing tips to solve your problem.

How to Make Your First Kiss Memorable

This special moment can be more memorable if you do it with someone you really like. When you do it with that person, your heart will surely beat faster. By making it a special moment, this will turn into something good and meaningful that you surely remember for the rest of your lives. Never do it for the sake of saying that you were able to do it because the satisfaction level is very low. Be patient and wait for that perfect moment.

Some of the Best Moments for Making the First Kiss

When someone special in your life is about to go to far places, making this act is very easy. It is also the most convenient and comfortable because you have a very clear reason to do so. Meanwhile, it is also good to make the move after your first date together. This simple act can mean a lot. Your partner may think that you made it because you really enjoyed your moment together. It also shows that you wish to have another date together.

Making a kiss is very much satisfying when there is privacy. When only two of you are together, you are very much free to express your love and attraction for each other. That way, you two can kiss longer and more passionately. In such situations, there are no interruptions or disruptions so be sure that you two can enjoy every moment of it.

Be Sure to Know What Type of Kiss to Give

Of course, this thing must be done slowly and gently. Never rush it because it can turn your partner off. Be sure to make it slow and gentle but very exciting and meaningful. It is better without getting your tongue involved yet. Instead, do it with your mouth closed while slowly feeling the softness of your partner’s lips. Leave the more passionate kisses in your succeeding dates.

For shy individuals, you can ask your partner politely. You can also do it directly even without asking for permission. Be sure to read the moment and make the kiss politely and meaningful as possible. Do not make the first kiss too long. Instead, make it short but very meaningful in order for the both of you to remember for a very long time.

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