Feng Shui Tips

Many people believe in the benefits of feng shui. This ancient Chinese practice brings many positive and good things to those who follow its basic and simple laws. Today, many important fields are carefully studying this practice for its different possible uses like in archaeology, architecture and landscape ecology. Learn how to live a harmonious life with the environment with the help of these simple yet highly efficient feng shui tips.

How to Improve Your Home Using Feng Shui

Feng shui is very good for your home. It can create a positive energy that can make it a place where living is truly nice and very comfortable. First, be sure to remove all the things inside that you do not like such as old cabinets, unused appliances and other kinds of clutter. As much as possible, leave only the things that you love. According to experts, doing this can eventually lighten up your feeling, save you more time and provide you with less stressful environment.

Second, provide your home with good quality of light and air. These two elements are very important in this practice. Open your windows and allow some fresh air and natural light to enter your home. Furthermore, place some air-purifier to ensure that only pleasant air is available inside. Today, there are air-purifying plants available that go well with the practice of feng shui.

Third, get a compass that is designed specifically for this practice and then use it to position the Ba-Gua inside your home. Use this energy map to find things inside that are somehow connected to your way of life. For instance, the southeastern part of a house is believed to be associated with a person’s money and wealth.

The fourth important thing to remember is to become more familiar with the feng shui theory, particularly its five major elements. These are water, metal, earth, fire and wood. Once you learn all these significant aspects, it is now time to use them to turn your home into a harmonious and prosperous place. For example, the southeast area of a home must have the elements of water and wood in order to attract prosperity.

Fifth, identify your birth element. For instance, if fire is your element, try introducing things that closely resemble fire such as triangular shapes as well as colors like yellow, orange and red. The element of wood is also important for those whose birth element is fire because this is the primary material used in feeding fire.

Sixth, identify your personal Kua number. This aspect is very important in positioning the things inside your house. Lastly, be sure to be constantly aware of the state of your house. Do things that can affect your way of life positively. Moreover, keep in mind the so-called feng shui triangle inside your house. The kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are three elements that affect a person’s health.

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