Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

For people who are looking for new ways to improve their lives, they can use feng shui inside their bedrooms. This traditional Chinese principle is believed to improve the love life as well as the health of people who follow it. Make your rooms comfortable, inviting and warm by following these effective feng shui bedroom tips.

Create a Clean and Clutter-Free Room

According to this age-old Chinese practice, people can become lucky if their rooms are clean and clutter-free. The so-called ‘chi,’ or the negative or positive life force, must flow inside the room. Clutters are believed to block or disturb the flow of ‘chi,’ so it is very important to have a clutter-free room. Likewise, never put things under the bed. It must not have cabinets or drawers under. Instead, keep that part of the bed clean and free from dirt at all times. Vacuum or sweep that part regularly. Dirty rooms can lead to unpleasant and stressful lives.

Things to Remove From Your Rooms

Based on this practice, it is also not good to store things that symbolize water inside your room. Because of this, it is not good to have fish tanks or fountains inside. Likewise, try not to have symbols of fierce people and animals. These include statues, paintings and photographs. By eliminating these things, your rooms are more relaxing and peaceful. It is also bad to place a mirror inside your room, particularly in a spot where you can see yourself on a bed.

Furthermore, it is good to free your rooms from electronic home appliances such as radios, stereos and televisions. When painting your room, it is advisable to go for neutral colors like cream and beige. The color blue and pale green are also good. On the opposite end, it is bad to have bright colors like red. When organizing your room, always keep in mind to direct more of the energy to the Yin rather than the Yang. When there is too much Yang, the result would be sleeplessness and restlessness.

The Positioning of Beds

Never put the bed on the same wall where the door is positioned. It is also bad to lie in bed while your feet are facing the door. Stabilize your bed by firmly putting the headboard in direct contact to the wall. Avoid placing beds under fans, ceiling beams and windows.

Ways for Lovers and Couples to Benefit from Feng Shui

Based on this practice, do not put stripes inside the room because they may lead to arguments. Instead, put more blue inside for added vitality and youth. Use love symbols like a pair of Mandarin ducks. Never put pictures that represent loneliness such as a statue of a single woman or man. Moreover, adding more touch of pink is also good for your room.

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