Faking Sick Tips

Sure, we all have to go to school or work. But there are days when it just all seems a bit too much. Here are some faking sick tips to fool your parents so you can stay home.

Pretend You’re Ill

If you’re a student and don’t feel like showing up for that math exam, try this trick. Get up late at night or very early morning and tell your mom you don’t feel well. Talk in a low voice. Tell her your head feels heavy.

When she asks what’s wrong, just say it could be something you ate. On the way back to bed, inform her if you feel better you’ll try to get ready for school. Get up half an hour later than usual. Tell your parents you don’t feel well and stay in bed.

Stomach Cramps or Diarrhea

Another faking sick tip is pretending you have diarrhea. Grab a fistful of chocolates or candies. Make sure that one of your folks actually sees you eating them. The next morning tell your parents that your stomach feels funny. Tell them you probably ate too much last night. To make it more convincing, don’t eat sweets during the day.


One of the simplest is to pretend you have a headache. This is more believable if the weather is hot. Turn off the light in your room; those with headaches don’t like light. You should also keep the volume of your stereo down.

Another faking sick tip is to move slowly. For good measure, get a heating pad and place it on your forehead. It should give the impression you’ve got a fever.

Vomiting Sickness

Instead of getting up late, don’t get up at all. When your mom gets in your room, tell her you feel sick and might throw up. Explain that since yesterday at school you’ve been feeling a little ill. Ask for a bucket.

Bend over and hold your stomach. Close your eyes. You don’t have to throw up. Just act like you might at any moment. Ask for a towel or piece of cloth. Cover your eyes with it, saying you’ve got a headache.

Other Faking Sick Tips

To pretend you have a cold, get all your old dusty books and breathe into them. Your eyes will turn red and you’ll start to sneeze. Go to your parents and show them that you have a very bad cold.

Whichever ailment you decide to fake, try not to overact. Don’t groan when you have a headache. Don’t howl in pain if you pretend to have diarrhea. Just lie in bed and make it appear you’re suffering quietly. Low key acting is always better than going over the top.

Another problem with overacting is that your parents might think
you’re very sick. Instead of letting you stay at home, they could take you to a doctor. Instead of school, you’d end up in a clinic.

All of these faking sick tips will work if you use it occasionally. Even the most trusting parents will get suspicious if you have headaches or fever every day. Do this only infrequently and it’ll work every time.

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