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Microsoft Office Excel is a special computer application developed by Microsoft that can help you calculate and create pivot tables. This software has graphing tools as well as spreadsheet features that use different file formats including standard file-extensions, binary and Office Open XML. The functions of this software are very helpful in doing different office tasks. To maximize the use of this application, you can learn as well as follow some of the most interesting Excel tips.

Date Functions

This computer program features various date functions. Two of the most used date functions in Excel are the now and today. The now option allows you to return the present date as well as time, while the today function allows you to see the present date only.

If you want to use the today function, all you have to do is to open the Format option and click Cells. As soon as you select Cells, choose the Number tab and click the Date tab in the Category option. Choose one from several formats that you will see in the Type option. The instructions for setting the now function is the same with the today option. However, you need to choose time in the Number tab.

Count and Counta Functions

The count function is very useful if you want to sum up all the cells that feature numbers. With this feature, you do not need to manually add the cells that have numbers. If you want to sum up the cells that have numbers and labels, you can always use the counta function. The function is helpful when updating inventories.

To use the counta function, you should choose the cell where the result will appear. In that cell, type the word ‘counta.’ Use the pointer to highlight the cells that you like to add. After highlighting the cell range, indicate the symbols “)”as the closing bracket and press the enter button.

Average Function

This function is one of the most useful and special features of Excel. It helps you get the arithmetic mean as well as average of numbers indicated in a particular set of cells. The average function is helpful when getting the mean of big numbers.


You can also store formulas using this special computer application. To have a look at the different formulas that you save in Excel, you need to hold ctrl and choose the grave accent symbol in the keyboard. By showing all the formulas, you can easily look at cells that feature formulas. In addition, you can change the formulas if there are errors.

More Tips on Using Microsoft Excel

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