Ear Piercing Tips

Ear piercing is a cool fashion sense that appeals to many people. Today, it looks perfectly good for both men and women. Although they can help you improve your appearance, there are still certain factors that you need to consider. These include undergoing the proper procedure and preventing health risks like infection. Follow these simple ear piercing tips and have healthy and good-looking ears.

Important Things to Consider

For those who want to have their ears pierced, it is best to use an ear-piercing gun. It is faster and safer. However, there are still certain points to consider. When using this instrument, make it a point to use disposable cartridges. This will help prevent infection and disease transmission from one individual to another. Furthermore, try to sterilize the gun before and after using it.

If you wish to have your ears pierced, go only to places where such practice is legal. Inside, look for people who are fit to do the job like doctors and other licensed individuals. There are also specialty stores and jewelry stores that are licensed to practice ear piercing.

Having your ears pierced entails numerous health risks such as allergic reactions and infections. In order to prevent such complications, proper care is of upmost importance. Try to use jewelries made from materials that do not cause irritations and allergies. Refrain from using brass and nickel as much as possible. Instead, try using jewelries that are made from gold, titanium and surgical steel. These materials are guaranteed not to cause allergic reactions.

Although it is very much possible to pierce your own ears at home, health experts still recommend the services of experienced professionals. Self-piercing can be risky and dangerous. For individuals below 18 years of age, it is good to ask first the consent of your parents before undergoing this procedure.

Tips on Caring for Your Newly Pierced Ears

After getting your ears pierced, it is best to treat the wounds carefully to prevent infection. Clean the wounds regularly. Moreover, make it a point to wash your hands properly before touching or holding the wounds. It can also help if you clean the jewelries you are using on a regular basis. Get a container filled with warm water and then use it to rinse the wounds. Get a cotton swab and then use it to remove wound crusting near the piercings.

When cleaning the earrings, be sure to use only medicated cleansers. Do it regularly to ensure that no infection will take place. You must never use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide in cleaning your wounds because they can dry out your skin.

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