Drywall Tips

If you’re going to install them, you should consider these drywall tips. If you follow these guidelines, a great deal of the difficulties will be reduced and become more manageable.

Cutting Them to Size

With a big sheet, people usually resort to slicing it with a knife. The problem with this approach is that it also cuts through the surface, dulling or blunting the knife.

A better way is the following. Make a light cut across the surface. Now raise it up. Head over to the side without the cut. Snap it. With the paper holding it in place, slicing through it will be easier. The shape makes it simpler to make a cut. Use the crease to follow the directions for the cut.


If you’re carrying a lot, here are some drywall tips for more efficient transporting. Make light cuts on the back side paper. Hold the non cut side and bend it. Now fold it. Using this approach, an 8 x 8 can be shaped into a 4 x 4 without difficulty.
When you unfold it, position it so that the scored part faces you.

If 4 x 4 is still too big, you can fold it some more. By making scores on one side and another it will create an accordion like shape, allowing you to make more folds. If needed, mud it. However it most cases you can unroll it without the score appearing. This folding method lets you store up to 6 sheets in a car, making it one of the handiest drywall tips for moving large sheets around.

Drying the Mud

If you’re patient, you can let it dry on its own. After the drywall is no longer wet, you can sand it. You can make the process much quicker if you use a heater or radiator. If you don’t have those, open windows will do the trick too (albeit a little slower). If you are just putting up a small piece, your hair dryer will do just fine.


If you’re allergic to dust, get a drywall dusting system. These will eliminate more than 90% of the dust. The drawback is that sanding will take more time. This dustless system isn’t for everyone, but the option is there for those who want it.

Other Drywall Tips

If you’re having trouble folding on the corners, get those with metal backing. It can make folding large sheets much easier. This is very handy for 8 ft sheets, which can be very hard to fold. Because it’s scored already, a lot of the hardships with folding are removed.

Don’t forget to wash all your tools. The reason is that a dirty utility makes it almost impossible to remove dirt and mud from the walls. This is hardly an enjoyable chore, but it needs to be done. It will save you a lot of work and frustration later on.

Putting these sheets in place isn’t easy, and can be downright hard. But these drywall tips ought to make folding and installing less stressful. It can make the installation less troublesome too.

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