Driving Safety Tips

Every year thousands of people die in the US due to road accidents. The real tragedy is that a lot of them can be avoided if driving safety tips were kept in mind. Whether you’re a new or experienced driver, remember the following.

Pay Attention

If you keep your eyes on the road, a lot of incidents can be avoided. You may think that taking your eyes off for just a second won’t make a difference. In fact, that one second can mean life or death. You could get hit by another car, or run over a pedestrian. So many accidents have happened due to carelessness.

If you have to use the cell phone, stop the car. If you are talking with someone, never take your eyes off the road. In fact one of the best driving safety tips is to minimize conversations when you’re behind the wheel.

Never Assume What the Other Driver Will Do

This is another reason for road accidents. Some people say, “I thought the guy was going to…” You can never presume someone is going to do the right thing. That driver might be thinking of something, drunk or talking with someone.

That’s why driving defensively is necessary. Just because the lights are red doesn’t mean all drivers will stop. When on the road, never make assumptions and never take anything for granted.

Just Give Way

One of the most important driving safety tips is to learn how to give way. For some reason people find this hard to do. They would rather risk hitting another car than yield. Maybe they think that yielding is a sign of weakness on their part. It isn’t. Giving way is being smart.

Never mind if you have the right of way. It’s better to lose a few minutes than wreck the car. Even worse is when the cars bump and the drivers start getting at each other’s throats.

Avoid Speeding

People speed up for two reasons: to get to work faster or just have fun. If it’s the former, common sense will tell you it won’t work. You’ll be pulled over by the cops, pay a fine or get your license revoked. That’s the reason why this is included among driving safety tips. You not only will be late for work, but likely get in legal trouble.

In the second instance, racing along the freeway with another car or by yourself is against the law. For a few cheap thrills you’ll get arrested. Worse, you could get in an accident and hurt yourself.

Don’t Drink and Drive

There are limits prescribed in the law, but why drink at all? The degree of tolerance varies between individuals. The biggest danger is that you could already be drunk without realizing it. You may think you’re in control, but when behind the wheel your reflexes are slower and reaction time is impaired.

A lot of accidents can be avoided if people behaved more responsibly. By using these driving safety tips, you’ll be doing your part in ensuring your safety and that of others.

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