Digital Photo Tips

Cameras today automate most tasks, but that doesn’t always translate into great pictures. If you want to go beyond producing ordinary images, here are some digital photo tips to make your shots stand out.

Change the Balance

Most digital cameras have a setting called white balance. The default is usually zero. This is good for indoor shots. For outdoor and landscape, choose the cloudy option. Despite the name, it actually makes colors look warmer. The difference will be clear when you take pictures with both the auto and cloudy settings. The latter will be more vivid.

Use a Polarizer

One of the most common problems when shooting outside are glares. To remove them (as well as reflections) a polarizer filter will be handy. This digital photo tip is handy for reducing overly saturated colors. Taking shots of the skies tend to produce colors that are too deep. A polarizer will fix that problem.

Make the Most of the Fill Flash

This is also known as the flash on mode. What you want to do here is control the time when the flash appears. Try turning on the flash on mode. What happens is that the camera will produce a shiny effect on the portrait. This technique works great when taking pictures at weddings.

This technique also works outdoors. For nice results, have the subject’s hair illuminated by the bright sky or sun. Taking a picture of the person beneath a tree also provides a nice contrast and touch. When using these flash on digital photo tips outdoors, you need to be no farther than 10 ft away from the subject.

Use the Zoom Mode

Cameras today aren’t just notable for their long range abilities. They can also zoom in or close up very efficiently. Oftentimes this feature is called macro mode. Its symbol is almost always a flower. Use this feature when taking snapshots of nature. Make sure the confirmation light is set before you take the shot.

When taking these shots focus on only one or a few objects. Let the other features blend in the background.

Other Helpful Suggestions

All the digital photo tips won’t do you any good if your memory card is stacked. For the 3 megapixel type you’ll need at least 256 of memory. For 4 to 6 megapixels, 512 to 1 GB will be necessary. Lots of memory offers you more shots. Not only that, you can take shots at the highest resolution possible.

Depending on your subject, you may or may not need a tripod. These can be cumbersome to carry. However there are now portable types available. One of the advantages of using a tripod is you can get the most of the timer and include yourself in the image.

Of course you can create more effects with your computer. Scan the picture and open your favorite photo editor. Make as many modifications as you want and then print it.

A lot of photographers are content with the default settings on their cameras. However, by using these digital photo tips, you can maximize its features and look like a pro.

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