Dating Tips for Guys

Have you been struggling for years to get a date? Or has it been a while since you did it last and have you been wanting to get back into the game? Either way, these dating tips for guys should help you feel prepared.

Dress Properly

Even the best looking guy will look awful, if dressed shabbily. Conversely, an average looking guy will look more attractive if dressed neatly. You do not need expensive clothes or branded shoes to look presentable. If your clothes are old, get new ones (again, they do not need to be costly). Better yet, overhaul your wardrobe. You probably do not know a thing about fashion, but it is quite easy to purchase a tailored suit. Also, make it a point to wear clean shoes. Please do not go to a date with your shoes caked with dirt.

Personal Hygiene is Important

Bad breath, body odor, dirty nails and so on are the ultimate turn off. Take showers every day and always cut / clean your fingernails. Also, keep your beard and moustache trimmed. Other essential dating tips for guys will include wearing a pleasant cologne and getting a good haircut. Do not forget to comb your hair before you go for your date.

Get a Job

If you already have one, that is great. If not, look for one, and you need to be serious about it. You may be happy just bumming around, but girls will ask this question. Do not lie about this fact. If you do not have a job, tell her. But also add that you are looking for one. Tell her about your plans and ambitions. Do not try to come off as a pitiful, pathetic character. At the same time, you should not sound like you are shooting for the moon. When she asks what you plan to do with your life, answer her honestly and with conviction.

Be Aware of What is Happening

Other indispensable dating tips for guys include being knowledgeable about local and world events. You do not need to know all the news in detail. However, knowing what is happening is crucial because she might ask your opinion on a particular topical occurrence. It would be embarrassing if she asked what you thought of the U.S. government’s foreign policy and you are absolutely clueless.

No Sports Analysis Please

If you are both into sports, then you can talk about it all night. If not, do not even bring it up. You will not impress girls by telling them how many Lakers games you have attended. Also, she will not be awestruck when you offer your expert analysis on why baseball umpires are all incompetent. This is one of the most vital of all dating tips for guys. If the girl is not into sports, she will get bored. Talking about it too much will give her the impression that you are only interested in the subject and not her.

Mind Your Manners

Generally women are not as impressed by lavish gifts as they are of being treated courteously. This includes opening a door and aiding her to her seat. Learn to speak in a refined manner, without swearing.

Other Suggestions

Bring her flowers and chocolates and do not reserve this for special occasions only. Take her to a nice restaurant or watch a romantic movie with her. Learn to ask her opinion and know how to listen.

What these dating tips for guys in mind, you can surely win the favor of the girl you like. To win her heart, you need to be a gentleman, and these tips will help you be that person.

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