Customer Service Tips

Unhappy patrons and clients will spell the end for any company. The following customer service tips should help you keep those clients satisfied and coming back.

Know Your Customers

It may not seem much, but addressing them by name when they visit makes a good impression. It shows them that you offer personalized service. Of course, it needs to go beyond that. Take the time to learn what the individual likes or dislikes about the company.
You can’t expect what works for one will also satisfy another.

Knowing each client is a key to building a strong relationship. The point is you need to go beyond the product you’re selling. Build a personal rapport with the client. When it comes to customer service tips, this is crucial.

Be Accessible

If you’re the manager, you must be within reach of the customer. This will make it easier to resolve whatever problems might arise. If you’re visible, any misunderstandings will be resolved more efficiently. A manager’s role is to make sure everything is all right.

Keep in Touch

Whether online or real businesses, it’s important to keep in touch with the client. Don’t just send them an email when you have a promo. If it’s their birthday, send a card. If it’s the holidays, send greeting cards. These are the kind of things that will show you care. This is one of those customer service tips that should never be discounted. This is the human touch that can truly make a difference.

Service with a Smile

Teach your employees to greet each customer coming in. Greeting when they come in and depart should never be forgotten. It isn’t just good for business; it’s also good personal etiquette. It doesn’t matter if the client is grumpy or frowning.

As much as possible, perform your service with a smile. You always want to do things right for the client. This includes treating them with courtesy. Always remember that the people are the lifeblood of the company.

Dealing with Unhappy Customers

Sooner or later you or one of your staff will have to deal with an irate customer. Never lose your cool. One of the most vital customer service tips is teaching your staff how to deal with these people.

Try to explain the facts as clearly as possible. If the complaint is valid, make an apology and remedy the situation as quickly as you can. If the complaint has no basis, try to explain it as clearly as possible. Again, don’t lose your temper. You might not just lose a customer; you could lose your job too.

Get Feedback and Comments

If you have a website, leave a comments or feedback section. If you don’t have one, leave a card on the front desk. Write down questions concerning the service. These include their likes / dislikes, suggestions etc. Take their opinions seriously.

Everyone gets into business to make money. But you can only achieve that by dealing with people the right way. With these customer service tips, you’ll be taking the right steps.

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