Consumer Tips

There are more options for shoppers and buyers than ever before. You can purchase items online or in stores, but you still need to exercise caution. Here are some helpful consumer tips to avoid falling victim to second rate products and items.

Read Customer Reviews

If you want to know the truth about product X, you don’t go to their website or listen to their commercials. No doubt those things serve a purpose. You learn some basic info about the product and such. But to know the real score, you can go to customer review sites on the Web.

These aren’t hard to find. Virtually every online shopping center has customer reviews. You don’t have to read all of them. A quick glance will show you how well the product is being received or not.

One of the best consumer tips when reading reviews is to look at details. To make sure that the reader isn’t just badmouthing a product, look for the reasons why it’s unacceptable. If the reason is specific and echoed by others, then be wary of it.

Know Exactly What You Need

Advertisers have a talent of making their products seem so essential when in fact they’re not. Just ignore the blurb and focus on what you need. If you need a cell phone with the basic features, don’t let the vendor persuade you that you need the $600 phone with the bells and whistles. This rule applies to any products you may want to buy.

Affordability vs. Reliability

Important consumer tips include balancing the need for saving money and getting a reliable product. If you’re buying items like sunglasses or toys, settling for cheap products may be okay.

The highest quality is needed for electrical items though. A poorly made appliance can lead to faulty electrical wiring or cause a fire. Given this fact, you can’t be too choosy.

This same cautious approach should be taken when buying cars. It’s tempting to buy cheap ones. There are some reliable ones out there. But if you end up with a lemon, you’ll be paying a lot of money for repairs.

Compare Prices

This is something you usually do when in real stores. Online it’s gotten easier. You just open a couple of browser windows and look at the costs. Here are some consumer tips: if two stores sell the same brand but at different costs, go for the lower one.

If the brand names are different, then choose which you trust more. Remember that reliability is always preferable to affordability.
Be on the Lookout for Discounts

Most of the big sales happen during the holidays, but a lot of stores offer discounts during other special occasions. This would be on days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc.

A word here about food sales: always check their expiration dates. Some stores trying to unload old stock might offer them at great discounts. Check the dates first.

Wide range of choices means lower prices and more opportunities for you, the buyer. With these consumer tips, you’ll rarely go wrong.

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