Christmas Decorating Tips

Christmas is definitely one of the best and happiest times of the year for families, relatives and friends. This is a great occasion for gathering, giving gifts and conducting religious services. Although it started out as a purely religious event, it has now become a very important day for everyone, both Christians and non-Christians alike. Here are some useful Christmas decorating tips that can help you turn this special day into a happy and more memorable event.

How to Give Your Home a Touch of Christmas Spirit

wreaths: You can decorate your house using holiday wreaths. It is bound to add cheer to the general festive spirit. To make wreaths more colorful, you could decorate each of them using interesting items such as candies, photos and other ornaments. You can also add pinecones, berries and bows. Place the wreaths inside and outside the bedrooms, on windows and on the back door. More importantly, put one on the front door, which will remind everyone entering the house about this very special occasion.

: You can try turning the lights off. Instead of regular house lighting, use candles to set the mood and brighten the surroundings. Of course, extra care is needed, especially when children are around. Candles provide just the right amount of light – neither too bright, nor too dark. It creates an overall effect of intimacy and closeness amongst family members, relatives and friends. Aside from the candles, you could also light the fireplace to add more warmth and life to your home.

colorful ribbons: Put ribbons and bows all over your house. Put them on doorknobs, stair railings and basket handles. Additionally, they also look good on wreaths, candlesticks and the back of chairs. Imagine how colorful and lively your house will look by placing ribbons and bows everywhere. Aside from the usual green and red, use other colors for the ribbons and bows such as gold and metallic silver. Of course, do not forget to put some on the Christmas tree as well.

tableware: You can constantly remind your guests about the Christmas season by using holiday tableware, suitable for the occasion. As much as is possible, try and use your special plates throughout the month of December to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

colorful tree: Needless to say, spend time on decorating the Christmas tree, using store bought ornaments. Better still, you could make your own ornaments to decorate the tree and give it that special, personal touch. Make it as colorful and vibrant as possible. The time and effort you invest in this will be well-worth it when you see the happiness on the faces of your loved ones.

How to Decorate Dining Tables

Make your dining rooms lively and more festive by decorating the table. There are many ways to do this. First, you can place clean cedar leaves underneath the soup bowls. Simply arrange them beautifully before placing the bowls. You could also use a glass plate in place of the cedar leaves to hold the soup bowl. Arrange the salad course on the plate and then place the bowl in the center. As mentioned earlier, you could also purchase tableware, napkins and so on in the festive colors of red and green.

Use your imagination and creativity to decorate your home and hearth. The sky is the limit when it comes to adding color and life to the festive spirit of Christmas. Your personal touch and effort is bound to be noticed and appreciated by your loved ones.

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