Cake Decorating Tips

Cake decorating refers to the act of filling a cooled cake with grandiose or simple designs. The main objective for putting decorations in a cake is to entice or attract people. Decorating is also important to suggest the texture and flavor of a particular baked good. If you have passion for baking and you want to improve the appearance of the pastries that you make, you can follow the easy cake decorating tips discussed below.


Make sure that you prepare all the materials that you will need. The length of time that you will spend in cake decorations depend on the design that you will choose. Decorations for baked goods that are served in special occasions like weddings and debuts usually take several weeks to finish. Before starting with cake decorating, it is important that you freeze the part where you will make the decorations.

If the baked good has several layers, you need to freeze each layer. Place each layer in a resealable plastic bag. Put the cake layers inside the refrigerator for four to 24 hours. Do not forget to trim the upper portion and dry parts before decorating it. After trimming and torting, you can ice or glaze it.

If you want it to have a shiny and thin surface, you can pour tasty glazes such as Apricot Glaze and Chocolate Ganache. Depending on the taste and appearance of the glaze, you can ice the baked good with marzipan or butter cream flavors.


If you are new to cake decorating, it is best that you start with simple designs. To make it more enticing, use nontraditional items for decorations such as colored sugar, chopped toasted nuts and shaved chocolate. If you prefer the baked good to be personalized, you can contact a bakeshop or a company that is expert in cake decorations to print your picture on a fondant sheet.

Frosting and royal icing can be done easily by using a decorating cone, a ziplock bag or a pastry bag. After frosting and royal icing, you can still make the cake more attractive by decorating it with edible flowers. You can also sprinkle candies on the pastry. Make sure that you allot enough time for the frosting to set before putting other decorations.

Another approach that you can use to improve the appearance of a pastry is by dusting. You can use cocoa powder or confectioner’s sugar when dusting. To dust a cake properly, you need to put it on a rack and place sugar or cocoa powder in a sifter. Place the sifter over the baked good and gently tap the sifter with a spoon.

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