Breaking Up Tips

The reasons why couples split up are as numerous as the stars in the sky. But these breaking up tips are applicable in most situations. If you’re struggling with this problem, here are some suggestions.

Do You Really Want to End the Relationship?

If you and your partner just had a fight, you’re bound to feel angry or upset. Making spur of the moment decisions is easy to do, but avoid it. Instead, analyze the situation. Allow the anger to pass. This will help you think about it more clearly. Consider the problem you’re facing with your partner. Is it worth ending the relationship over?

Spell out the Reasons for the Split

Make sure that the reason for the split is clear in your mind. Don’t include those old arguments you may have had. It’s normal in arguments to drag out old issues and make them part of the current fight.

That’s common but wrong. What this breaking up tip suggests is to focus on the main reason. What is that irreconcilable difference between the two of you?

Control Your Feelings

This is one of the most difficult things you‘ll have to do. Studying it might help you get control over it. Difficult as it may be, you must try to control the emotions. If you feel wronged, it’s so easy to confront your partner and start cursing.

Resist this temptation. Even if you want to end the relationship, you might still want to remain friends. This will be difficult, if not impossible if you let out hurtful words.

Think of Your Partner Too

When considering how to split with your partner, a good breaking up tip is to think about your partner’s feelings too. You may want to end the relationship amicably, but remember that your partner may look at the situation differently. You must accept their decision as you expect them to accept yours.

This may hurt you, especially if you still want to remain friends. But put yourself in your partner’s shoes: how would you feel if the love of your life told you the relationship is over? That person will be hurting as much as you are, maybe even more. Give them time.

Be Honest but Truthful

Another breaking up tip is this: approach your partner only when you’re emotionally in control. Then say what needs to be said. You can just get straight to the point, or you can first tell your sweetheart how you truly appreciate the times you spent together.

Specify the reasons clearly. If your partner wants to say something, listen. Try not to interrupt because it will turn into an argument.

If your partner tries to talk you back into it, just listen. If you want to give it a second chance, you may do so. But if you are bent on ending it, be firm about it. Again, there’s no need to shout. Just make your point.

Needless to say, ending relationships is hard. But if it needs to be done, do it with these breaking up tips. In the end, it will be more painful for you and your partner to carry on a relationship that is already broken.

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