Bowling Tips

Though reading about bowling won’t really replace actual practice, bowling tips still have an impact on your game. Amateurs will find them helpful in reducing the learning curve. Indeed, it is true that education in any sport supersedes mastery. The following are several bowling tips for beginners to help them polish their style.

Bowling Tip #1 – Dropping It Away

Almost everybody starts with the push away method in bowling. An easier alternative is called the drop away. It works pretty much like the push away, only that the drop away method allows one to be more consistent. You begin by holding the ball up to shoulder level. Take a regular first step and then you drop the ball as soon as you make a second step.

Bowling Tip #2 – Maintain a Loose Arm Swing

Make sure that your grip is relaxed when you have the ball in your hand. Don’t squeeze or dig your fingers in. This especially goes for your thumb, which usually exerts a lot of your gripping power. The construction of the ball also has an effect on how you grip it. If the thumb hole feels kind of loose you’ll be squeezing the ball to hard affecting your swing. Beginners may use inserts to correct problems and make a better fit.

Bowling Tip #3 – Use the 45 Degree Position

Using a hand position at 45 degrees will make your swing easier and more natural. In this position, your hand will be positioned in part to the side of the ball. Your hand will also be partially under it with your pinky fingers will be touching. Your other hand will provide support and lend to a freely swinging arm.

Bowling Tip #4 – Body Leverage

To aid you in your swing, beginners should remember to use their lower body’s leverage. Bend your knee a little lower on your last step. Do this as you go down the lane heading towards the foul line. Make sure to move your non-sliding foot sideways and keep your body erect properly as you duck down.

Bowling Tip #5 – Use Your Head

Bowling is also a mental game. You should also analyze and think about what it is you’re about to do. A good trick is to try to remember how your good shots felt and mimic the same moves over and over again.

Like other sports, beginners will be required a certain level of mind and body coordination. This, of course, will require a lot of practice on the alley. A great idea is for beginners to watch how the pros play and pick up more tidbits along the way.

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