Body Shape Fashion Tips

A broad term that refers to the customs that are observed by people in a specific span of time, fashion includes different fields of studies like media, architecture, personal adornment as well as interior design. In present times, most of us use fashion to identify the trends in accessories and clothing. In addition, you can also use this term to refer to the apparel that will fit your personality and appearance. To know more about fashion, you can follow the body shape fashion tips discussed below.

Identifying the Shape of Your Body

In order to be sure that the apparel that you prefer to wear will fit your physical appearance, it is important that you identify your body shape. Experts in studying fashion trends categorize the shapes of body into four types. These include the pear shape, apple shape, rectangle shape and hourglass shape.

If you have nice hips and slender neck, then you possess a pear body shape. On the other hand, if the bottom part of the body is smaller than the upper part, then you have an apple-shaped body. Normally, apple body shape is characterized by slender legs as well as slender arms.

Rectangle-shaped body features nice curves and the distribution of weight gain is even and proportion. Lastly, the waist of a person with an hourglass-shaped body is attractive and well defined.

Pear-Shaped Body

If you possess a pear body shape, you need to wear tops with interesting prints to focus the attention of other people on the upper portion of your body. Additionally, to create an illusion that the top portion of the body is proportion to the bottom part, you need to use shirts and blouses that have wider necklines. When it comes to bottoms, you need to wear boot cut jeans as well as asymmetric skirts.

Apple-Shaped Body

Some of the apparel that will fit you include waist jackets with belts, miniskirts as well as short dresses. You can also wear V-neck blouses to highlight your waist and bust. Aside from these clothes, fashion experts recommend you to wear wrap tops, boot cut pants and flat front pants.

Rectangle-Shaped Body

V-neck shirts and blouses will surely fit your body structure. To define the curve in your waist, it is important to wear flared jeans as well as straight cut pants. You can also use tops that feature attractive prints and tailored designs.

Hourglass-Shaped Body

Skirts with high waist and wrap dresses will look nice if you posses an hourglass body shape. In order to draw the attention of people to your well-defined curves, you can wear clothes that feature monochromatic colors.

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