Billiards Tips

Pool and Billiards are games played halfway on the table and the other half in your mind. You might have observed by watching the pros on TV that the more calm players are the better they play. The truth is that those who are more composed and calm in spite of the pressure of the game have better chances of seeing the good shots and make better decisions.

Fledgling pool and billiards players need all the nuggets they can get in order to move forward in this exciting game. The billiards tips you’ll find below will help you get a grasp of the fundamentals.

Billiards Tip #1 – Win the Game in Your Mind

You can say that a major portion of the game play in pool or billiards rests on planning your moves. It takes a certain degree of mental discipline to remain calm when faced with game pressure. How calm and relaxed you feel will definitely affect how you plan your moves. It will also affect your strokes and gain the advantage in the game. In other words, stay calm, plan ahead, and win the game in your mind.

Billiards Tip #2 – Play One Stroke at a Time

Steeling yourself for every move is important. The most important shot you will ever make in this game is the one you are about to make. Concentrate on the shot you are making and brush everything else aside. When you’re at the table, learn to ignore everything including the current score.

Billiards Tip #3 – There is Safety in Patience when Going for Safety

Let’s face it, not every shot and not every stroke anyone makes will always be flawless. Even pool professionals make strokes that are off. During these situations, remember that there is nothing wrong with patiently going for a safety. A rule of thumb is that whenever you don’t feel comfortable about a shot you’re about to make then go for safety.

Billiards Tip #4 – Know Your Environment/Know Your Table

It is a fact that not all pool/billiards tables are perfectly straight. You should also expect that different tables will be made from different materials. Knowing the material and characteristics of the tables you’re going to play on will give you the edge in your game.

The type of felt on the table will have an effect on how the balls behave. If it is made out of cotton then you should expect it to run a little slower and not as good as those made of a combination of cotton and nylon, like that for Simonis felt for instance. Cotton reacts to humidity thus affecting the play.

Billiards Tip #5 – Watch the Pros

Every billiards/pool beginner should make it a habit to watch how pros play the game. There is no better way to jump start your game than to pick up game nuggets from the very best.

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