Barbeque Tips

One of the most enjoyable family activities that you can try in your home is having a special barbecue party. To impress your loved ones as well as your friends, it is important that you know the basics in preparing and cooking delicious grilled dishes. In addition, it is necessary that you prepare all the materials or equipment needed to throw an exciting barbecue party. To help you with the preparations, discussed below are some of the most useful and helpful barbecue tips.

Basic Tips

To ensure that the grilled dishes that you will serve are fresh and tasty, it is essential to avoid exposing poultry, pork, beef and seafood to room temperature at most an hour before grilling. To prevent the meat or seafood from sticking on the grill, make sure that you clean and rub the rack with cooking oil or vegetable oil before placing the meats or seafood on the grill. If you want to improve the taste and tenderness of the meats, always remember to marinade the ingredients overnight.

You can use excess marinade to baste the meats while grilling. Avoid piercing the ingredients with fork or knife because this can affect the freshness and taste of the dish. Use tongs or a spatula to turn the ingredients over. If you already marinated the meats, do not sprinkle salt over these ingredients since salt can drain the natural juices of pork, beef and chicken pieces.

Barbecuing Burgers and Sausages

If you are barbecuing burgers, do not forget to brush them with tasty sauce. In addition, it is also important that you cook burgers well done. When grilling sausages, avoid brushing the processed meats with sauce until the final quarter of the cooking time. Some of the tasty and flavorful varieties of sausages that can be grilled are smoked and fully cooked sausages.

Barbecuing Chops and Steaks

To ensure that chops and steaks are cooked evenly, use the direct grilling method. After marinating the meats for at least two hours, you can place the ingredients over low to medium fire. Continue grilling until the color of steaks and chops turn to brown. For thick cuts, make sure that you cook each side of the meats for 30 to 40 minutes. Do not use a meat thermometer because it can affect the tenderness of the meats. Before placing steaks and chops on the grill, always remember to trim or cut off the fats because these can cause flare-ups.

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